When Elton John bought flowers for $450,000 on his credit card


With cash seeing a crunch, it’s been a time when plastic has got all the credit.

Rewinding to those episodes when big bills had precious little to do with big buys:

$170.4 million and the colour of money

When Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian swiped his American Express credit card to buy Amedeo Modigliani’s ‘Nu couché’, his painting of a reclining nude woman for $170.4 million, he hit two birds with one stone. Not only did he get his hands on a coveted piece of painting, but thanks to the number of air miles he accumulated in the transaction, he may just never have to pay for a plane ticket again.

$450,000 for a bouquet offering

Musician Sir Elton John doesn’t care for mere numbers when it comes to acquiring what he loves. In the 1990s, his credit card was charged with an approximate $450,000 on flowers for then boyfriend-cum-manager John Reid. Try beating that!

$300,000 to put a ring on it

In 2011, a buyer bought a diamond through his credit card on a mobile app. The diamond engagement ring valued at $300,000 was bought off Blue Nile, a website that specialises in gold, platinum and diamond jewellery. The details of the buyer are still not known.

$2.5 million does not cut a sorry figure

It would be safe to say that American businessman and philanthropist Eli Broad went over budget when he swi ..

$ 2 million to breathe easy

Over a decade back, Celine Dion splashed around $2 million on a humidifier to keep her company at home and during her travels. Lesser mortals usually make do with one costing anything between $30 and $200 but Dion wanted the purest air to soothe her lungs.


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